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“Bringing folk back to life”

Brian Jones

Welcome to Openhouse Studio

Folk Music Legacy

Created by Brian Jones, with Daughter; Samantha Proctor, this website is a legacy project designed to bring ‘folk up to date’ with an online presence.

Explore the website, listen to the music and read the stories starting from the 60’s revival through to present day.

Brian shares his stories from the early years, starting out during the folk revival of the 60’s

In 1965, Brian and his brother Gordon started singing together in local folk clubs. Pete McGovern christened them ‘The Lads’

Alias Glover & Jones played Folk Clubs from the Midlands to the North West in the 1970’s. Read Tim’s story…

Original Jones and Company; Brian, Helen and Janet; the start of the Jones Family harmony singing dynasty

“Folk music with a smile on it’s face” now in its third generation, the harmony continues…

Their perfect mix of top quality music and humour has remained relevant and popular for 40 years… and counting

Pioneers of their craft.

Simply the best!

60 Years of Songs – His words paint pictures, his tunes invite the audience in. Hear the songs, read the stories…

Known in his own right as a fantastic Singer Songwriter on the folk scene.

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