Guest Spot – Broken Strings: Up Above My Head

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The next Guest Spot is Broken Strings with Up Above My Head, this is certainly one to get you up and dancing.

Here’s our old friend Tom Baker from the band to introduce their song…

“It was way back in 1990 that I first had the opportunity to record at Openhouse having formed a duo with long time TTB bass player, vocalist and songwriter Colin Henderson.
Colin and I both shared a passion for folk and roots music that today is generally classified as Americana with our first Openhouse album covering everything from John Prine and JJ Cale to Buddy Holly and Doc Watson. I’m hoping Brian will at some point blow the cobwebs off those tapes and share a couple of those tracks too!

So fast forward to today and I’m now in a band called Broken Strings – a seven piece cornucopia of guitars, ukuleles, accordion, harmonica, bass and drums born from the ashes of the, now defunct, Wirral Ukulele Orchestra. Rose among the thorns is vocalist and accordion player Pat who as a Stage 4 Cancer patient is a beacon of hope and positivity for us all.

For obvious reasons Clatterbridge Cancer Charity is a cause close to our hearts and we wanted to record a CD to raise funds. Enter Mr Brian Jones! For the majority of the band, recording was a new experience, added to which we were on a deadline to have it all done and dusted in time for a local festival which we knew would help maximise sales. To date the CD has raised over £1500.

The whole band loved it and Brian, as usual, put everyone at ease offering not only expertise and advice but also the rich bass vocal harmony on the track you have here. The song itself became an earworm for all of us including the Jones family I think. So here you have our version of the old Sister Rosetta Tharpe gospel tune ‘Up Above My Head’ which is always a big favourite whenever we play live. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.
Tom Baker”

Thanks so much Tom. If anyone is interested in purchasing the album please let me know and I can put you in touch with Tom.

Enjoy J

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