Catch The Wind

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Here is a fantastic song; both new and old, straight from the heart.

Thank you, as always, to Ian for putting this story into words so wonderfully…

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Who does not know and love the iconic 1960’s song, “Catch the Wind”, by the curly-headed, Scottish songwriter, Donovan. Written in 1965, it encapsulates those carefree days of the “swinging sixties”, with its ode to youth. It was recorded on Donovan’s first album, “What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid” and, as a single, reached number 4 in the charts. It has since been recorded and performed by hundreds of artistes, worldwide, and is one of the few songs that will probably be with us forever, as a memory of those days.

Those are the bare facts about the song but to Brian & Helen Jones it meant much more. We all have a favourite song, or songs, that mark out those special moments in our lives, and whenever we hear them, we are reminded of that time, be it glad or be it sad. They are like punctuation marks in the text of a book. Maybe the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another, or just a pause between paragraphs.

Sometimes, so vivid are the recollections that come flowing back, that the power of music to soothe, anger, motivate and move cannot be underestimated. Was it not the bard himself who penned the immortal line, “If music be the food of love, play on”. Those words are just as true in the 21st century as they were at the beginning of the 17th century when Twelfth Night was allegedly written.

Brian Jones emotions were similarly stirred, a couple of years ago, when he rediscovered an old 1990’s track whilst reorganising his studio. It was of the young Jones and Company (2nd Generation) singing one of their much-loved songs from an earlier era, “Catch the Wind”. I will let Brian tell you the back story in his own words.


“Helen and I met in 1968 at Boys Brigade/Girls Brigade summer camp. “Catch the Wind” was “our song” that we sang together. It was an early title in the set list for Helen, her sister Janet, and me (the original Jones and Company). So, it was only fitting that it was one of the first songs the young Jones and Company (2nd Generation) would sing and record.”


During “lockdown”, and upon hearing that old studio Master Track again, it had the effect of taking Brian back to such a happy place that the idea of adding adult voices, to the original track, and completing the circle as it were, really appealed to him. Well, Brian thought, if Aled Jones can do it ……?

The result is a mesmerising version of this classic song. Those beautiful, young voices, in close harmony, almost like a heavenly choir, take us through the first 3 verses before their adult selves take over on the 4th verse. Finally, they come together on the final verse, with the youngsters singing their long ago farewell on the last two lines, and the whole effect is like a soothing balm for the ear. Call me nostalgic, an old fossil, or whatever but I think you too would find it hard not to drift back in your mind, as those wistful voices, circa 1990/2020, call to each other across the years, and Donovan’s well-known words echo round your head once more. Happy listening.

Ian Chesterman

Thank you Ian, I hope you all enjoy this one

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