Don’t Gather Round People

Hi Everyone

So far we have been sending you tracks from the archives. However, today’s offering is a new topical song from Ian Chesterman. I have invited him to introduce the song so I’ll hand you over to him…

Hi Folks

I may not be familiar to most of you but I feel like I have known you all for many years, certainly as long as the Tom Topping Band and the Jones Family Band have been kind enough to feature my songs in their live and recorded performances. I owe a huge debt to both bands and, especially, to my good friend Brian Jones, co-founder of both bands, for supporting me in my writing and having the courage to play my songs at gigs, in concert and on CD.

It is a pleasure to meet and talk with you and I hope that, over the coming months, I will be able to shed a little bit more light on the often convoluted workings of the songwriter’s mind as more songs are posted. The phrase, “no rhyme nor reason” , is a bit of a misnomer, as I believe, even based on my own experiences, that there is always a reason for rhymes, just as there is always a reason for songs. 

However, before we get bogged down in a too philosophical discussion, on to the song that Sam has just posted. It is a bit if a diversion for me, in that, triggered by a two line cartoon in a satirical magazine, I decided to “go the whole hog” and write a complete set of new words to what is a very well-known melody. It turned out to be a parody for our times set to one of the greatest protest songs ever written. So, with apologies to a certain Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan, of course) I give you my tongue-in-cheek version, “Don’t Gather Round People“, performed, so convincingly, by Mr Brian Jones. 

Stay Safe.

Ian Chesterman

Thanks Ian. Please find attached ‘Don’t Gather Round People’, you can also see Dad performing the song on our Facebook Page CLICK HERE

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Speak to you all soon

Love Sam xxx