For That Girl

Hi Everyone

Here’s a lovely song written by Goff Jones, performed by Brian Jones.

Having spoken to my Dad about the song, he told me that he loved it from the moment he first heard Goff sing it. Dad recorded ‘For That Girl’ with a nostalgic feel as it has that great 60’s vibe to it, which took him back in time.

Over to Ian…

Hi Folks


Imagine the scene, a darkened folk club room, the intimate atmosphere, the drifting, smoky haze, and a young, enthusiastic audience (well, we were all young back in the 1960’s & 70’s!). The resident band, Yardarm, were on stage strutting their stuff.

One of those playing was Goff Jones, then a young, slim, boyish figure, often to be seen, with his 12 string guitar, alongside his brother-in-law, the taller, wiry looking John Evans, whose remarkable lead vocals Goff would weave his intricate, close harmonies around.
The scene was set for a romantic interlude as Goff’s eyes alighted on a young girl sitting in the gloom, beyond the spotlights glare. As he played, his thoughts turned more and more to her face and his imaginings took him beyond that night and the smoky haze. The interval came and went, with neither characters in our shadow play making any move. Looks may have been exchanged, but no words were spoken.

The shy young man went home, hoping he would see “that girl” again. He even wrote a song, this song, in which he expressed his hopes and dreams, but he never asked, she never approached, and no words passed between them.

However, the mind plays strange tricks and it left us with a lovely song of unrequited love, with a feel so reminiscent of those far away days that you can almost relive the moment in time, when a shy, young man’s adolescent thoughts turned to love. Maybe, out there, somewhere across the decades, she also dreamt of a night of music, and a young man, in the spotlights, whom she never had the courage to approach. If so, this song is “For That Girl”.

Ian Chesterman

Thank you Ian, I hope you all enjoy this one

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