Guest Spot – Colin Henderson: Don’t Look Back

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Here’s one of my favourites from Colin Henderson; “Don’t Look Back”

Over to Ian to tell you a bit more about this one…

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Over the years, the best and most successful bands have included, in their ranks, some great songwriters. There are the obvious ones, such as The Beatles (Lennon & McCartney), The Beach Boys (Brian Wilson), The Band (Robbie Robertson) and Fairport Convention (Richard Thompson), and the not so obvious ones, like Silly Wizard (Andy M. Stewart) and The McCalman’s (Nick Keir).

Wirral folk legends, The Tom Topping Band, also fell into the latter category, benefitting greatly from the songs of their bass player, and guitarist/vocalist, Colin Henderson. His songs peppered their live sets and their recordings and became firm favourites of their many fans over the years. Colin even had the honour of no less a band than The McCalman’s recording his song, “Single Handed Sailor”, on their, “Honest Poverty”, album in 1993.

It was inevitable, when the band ceased playing together full time, that Colin would pursue a solo career and he has gone on to produce several albums featuring his own songs. This song, “Don’t Look Back”, is from his, “Waiting for the Lightning”, album (2017), and I will let him introduce it to you in his own words.

“People often say, “don’t look back”, and it is generally good advice. There is nothing back there that you can change, however much you might wish that you could. But it is sometimes worth looking back, to learn from your mistakes, to make sure you don’t repeat them, and to be aware of how the things you have done, said and felt, and how what others have done, and said, make you what you are today.”

I really like this one for its catchy tune and chorus, and its sentiment that gives us all food for thought. I should also add that the album was expertly produced and engineered, at Open House Studio, by Andrew Jones.

Ian Chesterman

Hope you enjoy listening.

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