Nice to Hear the Old Songs

Hi Everyone

Here’s a brand new song from Ian performed by Dad inspired by all the ‘old songs’ being revived from the memory bank during lockdown.

Over to Ian to tell you more about how he came to write this lovely song…

Hi Folks

Here is a new song about an old song if that does not sound too contradictory! All this recent spate of archive recordings being brought back to life, from the dusty confines of the Brian Jones cellar of music, got me to thinking.

I suppose the song is all about time really. They can lock us down, but they cannot lock down our memories. As the song says, “So many happy memories, no one can take away”.

I have enjoyed this nostalgic trip back through the years of travelling along my musical road, and the reminder of all those great words and melodies, created by the masters of the songwriting art. In other words, “It was nice to hear the old songs”. I hope that you thought so too.

Ian Chesterman

Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

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Samantha Proctor

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