Guest Spot – Roger Parker: I am a Pilgrim

Hi Everyone

Next on the podium for our guest spot is Roger Parker with ‘I Am A Pilgrim’ from his album ‘Friday Round At Roger’s’.

Over to Roger to introduce you all to the track…

“’I Am A Pilgrim’ is a traditional American song, based on an old hymn from around 1860. It might have been written in response to the cry “why should the Devil have all the good music?” The Devil’s music was, of course, the blues.

A friend of mine introduced me to the great American guitarist and singer, Doc Watson, back in the 70’s. He picked a version of this song, having probably heard Merle Travis play it, in a style that is often called “Travis Picking”. Here’s my version, inspired by Doc and Merle. I hope you like it.

Roger Parker”

A note from Brian…

I have known Roger longer than I guess either of us would care to remember and in recent years have had the pleasure of playing music together.

Roger is one of our local folk scene’s unsung heroes. He ran one of Wirral’s most successful and long running folk clubs at “The Bell” in Wallasey. I have fond memories of some great Sunday evenings spent in the lovely, warm, and friendly atmosphere he created with his vast repertoire of songs and relaxed delivery.

He retired from his mammoth, continuous run as a folk club resident a few years ago, and now gives his time helping, encouraging, and passing on his experience to local singers.

He also uses his talent to give back to the community. He donates all his gig money to Helplink, a local charity based in Irby who provide vital help where it’s needed.

Because he does so much for others, I thought he should have something for himself and his family so I sat him down in front of two microphones and asked him to sing some of his favourites……….and here’s one of them.”

Hope you enjoy listening.

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